Chadwell Club Darts

Monday Thurrock Mens Darts

Match Reports


Chadwell  v Stifford A

We was at home in this league encounter against high flying Stifford A. Stifford are probably one of the favourites to win the league and have a team of strong players throughout. It was a game where we needed to be in full support and a full squad.

We was under the cosh from the offset with 2 key players out. Chucky with family matters and Captain Marvel who we wish a speedy recovery to from his bed ridden illness. I will pass any good will messages grapes or chocolates to Captain Marvel when he is out of quarantine.

We went one down in the pairs with The Handbag 180 and Mr TV getting pipped by G Godden and P Bush. Yours truly and SPratt the minnow pulled it back beating J Pedel and the Zulu J Myers.Stifford went in 2 1 up with R Royal and M Squelch beating Elvis and E half Price.

On to the singles The Handbag carried on his fine form of late overcoming T Shorham without even smudging his lipstick. D Elvis Revill hit 6 ton plus scores only to come second in a good game against J Pedel. SPratt the minnow breezed past M Squelch as did Mr TV Del Murphy against G Squelch in a game not to be sniffed at. That was the best we could come up with as Stifford won the 4 remaining singles with wins for R Royal J Myers P Bush and G Godden.

Our first loss of the season and heads need to be up for our next game. Maybe heads were down from the start as it showed with support next to none and banter no where to be seen. So onwards and upwards and top marks to D Beard and Neil NVG Smith who held there own against tough opposition.



Chadwell v TFC Marvel Cup

Chadwell were hosting TFC in the quarter finals of the Marvel Cup. TFC a much improved side this season with a team that has some good players throughout. I have played darts with and against most of there team over the years and I can honestly say what the fuck are the PINK shirts about. They looked liked a bag of pick n mix. I will now refer to them as the Pinks.

Chadwell took the first pair of the night with a win for Chucky and D Bailey over D Nash and D Prior. The pinks pulled one back with a win for S and B Moore over Mr TV and K White. We went into the singles 2 1 up with yours truly and Elvis beating B Squelch and Titch.

First up in the single was SPratt the minnow winning 2 1 against B Moore. K White came off second best to Barry Squelch with Bazza taking a 130 to finish. Keith claimed his hair was in his eyes throughout the game. Our next 3 singles all went our way with a 2 nil for Chucky D Bailey and Elvis.Game Over. Next up was our transgender The Handbag against a very good player Titch. Although The Handbag dropped a leg he  was victorious with 6 ton plus scores and my man? of the match. Next up was Mr TV beating D Prior 2 1 with yours truly wrapping up proceedings beating S Moore.

A good victory 9 2 over a better side than they performed Ill take that. A good night from a team who looked like Turkish delight but didn't have the eastern promise

Greenline v Chadwell

First things first I would like to thank everyone from my team and dart leagues for paying there respects at my Dads funeral. A big thank you to Piggy and Julie at Floral Affairs for the dart board amazing.

Now on to the serious stuff. We was away yet again this season to the much changed Greenline. Still the a few originals Tom Andy Terry who still welcome everyone with same fuck me not you lot. However they did have a few new signings Chizzy Adam Smith who will be good assets if they stopped feeding there faces.

Chadwell went 2 up in the pairs with wins for yours truly Pratty, Del Mr TV and Danny Bulldog Bailey. Greenline pulled one back with The Man Bag and Elvis falling foul of Andy Reynolds and Kieren.

G Payne first up in the singles restored winning ways over T Small and managed a 128 finish. Next up was Mr TV Del Murphy now Ive got to be careful typing this beating  CHunt 2 nil. Next was D Elvis Revill winning 2 1 over M Chisnall. Next up was the longest game of the night with G Handbag Smith winning 2 nil with a 110 dart first leg yet managing to pop a 124 finish in the second, amazing what a blusher brush does and a birds bag over his shoulder. Further wins in the singles for SPratty the minnow Eddie half Price D Bailey and Keith white which wrapped up a 10 1 win and a lot of piss taking as usual.

Good night as usual good luck to Greenline and keep the fat fuckers away from the sandwiches.

Chadwell v George and Dragon

Well I'm back after my extended holiday to carry on ripping the shit out of everyone.

Chadwell at home for the first time this season welcomed the newly formed G&D.Chadwell started off well going 3 up in the pairs with wins from D Murphy S Pratt, Chucky Garry the handbag Smith and G Payne Elvis Revill.

The first 3 singles went our way to without dropping a leg with wins for G Payne over J Carroll Chucky beating the bully J Linnen and Dan Revill claiming his first win over J Argent. Next up was Neil (I don't want to play) Smith against S Gardine who gifted the Gs there first win of the evening. S Pratt restored winning ways winning 2 0 against young Vinnie. Eddie was unlucky losing 2 1 to a very good young Bailey Golding.Dave Elvis Revill kept up his 100% win rate overturning A Mawle. Finally we had our very own tv personality D Murphy dropping a leg but winning well.

Over all a good night and good luck to the Gs in the oncoming season, a nice bunch of fellas who took the banter and the defeat graciously