Chadwell Club Darts

Monday Thurrock Mens Darts

Match Reports 2011 - 2012

South Ockendon League Home

The Gs were up against The Os in this league clash. I have the upmost respect for the Os and I knew that if any team was to give the Gs a game it would be them.

The evening started with a minutes silence after the very sad loss of Gary Tozers wife Kim who lost her long battle against cancer. The minutes silence was observed by every single person in the pub, who were all upstanding. Our thoughts go out to Gary and his family at this very sad time.

First up was Johnnie Sewell against Steve Pee wee Herman White, John couldnt find his form from previous weeks and claims it was after affects from his 50th birthday celebrations at the weekend ...yeah right..It was 4 out of 4 for john and undefeated in his previous 12 years of retirement til Steve raced to the finish line and out the the Os the lead.

Next up was P Driscoll against Matt Burke. Matt another player dragged out of his retirement home could not stop the Os taking a 2 nil lead, although Mr D has got nice darts he is still not playing how he can, so go back to your old darts and i will look after your new ones.

Next up was the all ol boys club with Billy Chicken Fowle against Howie Petrie despite Howie scoring well Bill tucked his feathers away and got the Gs back on track 2-1.Next up was the 2 Dels and it was the Cannon who blasted his way home giving the Os a 3-1 lead. Next up was Chucky proving he is every bit of a class act winning with ease 3-2.

The Gs being 3-2 down at half time and next up was the Gals Gareth played a good game against yours truly but run out steam as G Payne pulled it back to 3 all.The next was a film in the making When Harry Met Harry Potter was up against  Si in his usual Superman stance could not stop Harrys wizardry with H giving the Gs a 4-3 lead. Next it was Pratty against Q ball and Orsett team mate Keith Petrie, on current form it would be difficult to seperate the 2 yet Sir P found his way to a 2 nil win and bagged a 180 on route giving the Gs the match winner. The Gs made it 6-3 with K White beating George Britton.

Well played to the Os see you all next week

Athlone B League Away

The Gs were away to the leagues new boys Athlone B. The score ended 8-1 to the Gs with Matt Burke being over generous with early xmas gifts, gifting the Athlone there only win of the evening. Hats off to the new boys as they was great hosts and played the game in the spirit that darts should be played.

Greenline Home

The Gs beat Greenline 7 - 2 No report this week

Stifford Clays League Away

The Gs for the 2nd week running were up against Stifford Clays in this league encounter. The Clays with the home advantage were hoping for a better result than last weeks white wash. ( I said white WASH Stiggy dont panic) First up for the Gs was Harry Potter against J Peddle. Peddle must of found his way out of the creek but could not find his way near a double again as Potter Peddled home 2-1. Chucky in his first game this season.for the Gs , even though he has 1 out of 1 100%  win rate.....and not thrown a dart.  Chuck never looked troubled winning 2 nil. against the Bush with hair. Next up was Johhnie Sewell even with a dodgy elbow and severe laceration to a knuckle (it was a scratch) kept his winning ways with his 3rd straight win in over 10 years.S Pratt looking more polished than previous weeks looked like he wanted to play darts tonight and he didnt really have to winning easily.Is this  return of the prat...always son. Yours truly was up against my ol mate Paul Bush. Paul took an early lead missing out on a 140 finish by a 138 only for yours truly taking the next 2 Next up was Matthew Burke. who didnt want to play darts again and signed as reserve 12th man is playing some of the best darts i have seen him throw. continued his winning ways and a much reinvented ... Burkie. G Tozer won through dropping a leg after eleventeen darts at every double on the board  only to hit back with 2x180s getting Gary back on track.Next up was Stiggy who gave the clays there only win of the evening claiming he was tired from coaching Phil Taylor at the weekend and that he had a shower on saturday of which has exhausted him Keith White was last on against Boy Bellamy Ben Scott with BBBS rooting out a finish of 80 in 2 darts. Just toook 50 darts to get to the 80. The wheels fell off boy bellamy as keith made it 8 -1 to the Gs . 

Stifford Clays Marvel Cup Home

The Gs looking to defend the Marvel Cup, were up against Stifford Clays. The Gs without Chucky Jimmy Wright and Jamie Strange of which puts a dent in anyones side. First up for the Gs was an impressive Matthew Burke, making his debut for the Gs and playing for the first time in just over 6 years. Matt was up aginst a much experienced John Peddle and not the draw Matt would of wished for. Matt hitting more red bits than I can remember from the days of old, looked every bit confident winning 2 nil and left the clays man up the creek witout a Peddle. Next up was Del Murphy looking well groomed from his captain birdseye audition winning again 2 nil. Next up was yours truly against P Bush with yours truly popping a 126 finish taking this one 2 nil. The clays 3 games in and not a sniff at a double and the Gs relentless as Johnnie john john Sewell increased is handicap along with Harry Potter Simon Pratt Gary Tozer and Keith White all winning without dropping a leg. Last up was Dave Stig Relf, Stiggy who turned down many teams across England in the closed season to favour the Gs of which the Gs are very happy about and the lads can only gain from his experience as Stiggy smashed in a massive 33 finish in 2 darts, he took in his stride as he did a lap of honour around Thurrock whilst smoking 20 plastic cigarettes drinking a pint and eating a bag of chips and still having one hand spare to punch the air. A 9 nil win even with Stiggy being a true sportsman giving the clays a leg exchange for a bar of soap.  

TCC A Home

The Gs were at home for there first league game of the season against TCC A. This seasons new format of 9 straight singles and no pairs of which was supposed to make the league more competitive according to 2 people out of 12 teams. Apart from my prediction of teams not being able to field 9 players, I must stay humble and eat my words...NOT. TCC normally a side who have great support home and away were very quiet with just 8 players. The Gs one up without throwing a dart. New boy Del Golden Balls Murphy making his debut along with John Sewell making his league debut in over a decade both notched up 2 nil wins. TCC also with some old faces in there side could not make there mark. D Fleming beaten by Harry Potter and S Girling even with his fair share of tons didnt even get a shot at adouble against yours truly.Further wins for Jimmy Wright K White S Pratt gave the Gs an 8 nil lead with only Billy Chicken Fowle left to play against liam Pender. Liam who is a solid player in anyones side gave TCC there only win of the evening and in all fairness the chicken didnt do bad and he didnt get stuffed. Chucky who sat on the sidelines as his name was drawn against the Bye gave the Gs an 8 - 1 win. So if this makes the league more competetive 9 singles then well done the 2 men who pushed it through.