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2010 - 2011

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The Greyhound Pub Darts

Monday Thurrock Mens Darts

Match Reports 2010-2011

John Brown Cup Final TCC B@ The Athlone

The Gs were up against TCC B in this John Brown Final hosted by the Athlone. First up in the pairs was Fats n Small Pratty and Harry who tried there upmost to lose eventually Pratty hitting double 1 after his first dart ended up in the smoking area and and and claiming it was a guide dart, well not one to argue the toss but he did need a sat nav to retrieve it and find his way back to the oche. Next up was yours truly and Jimmy Wright wright wright (Current essex super league champion of champions winner & best performance winner for Monday nights) made hard work of this one with yours truly scoring well and finishing both legs against Fred Henry and Mike Thomas with Mike doing most if not all the work as Fred could not hit a cows arse with a banjo. Next up was Chucky and Billy chicken against Wayne and Ray Moon with the moon shining through to give the TCC there first point. 2 - 1. into the singles saw Chucky play a tight game with Wayne Moon giving the Gs a 3 - 1 lead.Next up was Jimmy Wright hoping to show what he can do after a poor pairs game against Fred Henry with Fred taking the spoils giving TCC a bit of hope at 3 - 2. Harry Potter was next up against M Thomas and if Mike played like he did in his pairs, this had the makings of a corker. Fortunately his wheels fell off with Harry taking us one game from yet another final win. Next up was yours truly against Ray Moon with yours truly taking command early with Ray not quite getting going and yours truly taking the glory and match winner 2 zip. Next up was resident rodent stig relfy in the battle of the looks against super model Brian Ferry. They both took to the stage like it was a catwalk with stig being sunk by the ferry. Last up was Spratty say no more he won this one with only 2 darts as he could not find his third dart after his earlier pairs encounter. Final score 6 - 3 to the Gs, and in all fairness it was nip and tuck even though the score maybe does not reflect the efforts from TCC.

South Ockendon Home (Last League game)

The Gs lose there unbeaten home record since Dec 2008 against The Os, who were in fact the last team to beat us at home way back when Frankie Valli said " Oh what a night late December back in Orsett Heath"

The night started with a guest appearance from Simon Whitlock who came along with His Truly, by that I mean Mr D sporting a new set of Whitlock darts of which I must say are very very nice, just a shame Mr D could not throw them as well as me.

It really didnt go the way of the Gs but we cant argue as we all know scores for show doubles for dough. The Os did something that nobody else has done this season and took all 3 pairs. With Jimmy Wright up first to try and pull one back against Roy Crabb who has found his form in the last few weeks played through taking a much needed point for the Os making it 4 zip. Next up was Spratty the minnow against Simon Barry with Pratty smashing Si with a 180 and 140 taking this one. Next up was yours truly against Steve White and never looked like losing giving the Os another point cant remember the rest it was more than a day ago but i know Paul Whitlock Driscoll who could just about manage to hit the board throwing like a limp wristed old woman even with nice darts, managed to find enough strength to pop the winning double for the Os against Billy Chicken the rest is history. Well done to the Os we are gracious in defeat and to the best of my knowledge no one was chased round the car park. Congrats on runners up

Marvel Cup Final Athlone@TCC

The Gs win ...again..........6 - 3 report to follow

Athlone Away 28th March

The Gs continued their 100% record this season with a 7-2 win over Athlone. The Gs went 2-1 up in the pairs as Pratty and Sibbo and Jamie and Jimmy both won 2-1, then Chuck partnered Bong who managed to get a tonne for the first time this season but the pair lost 2-1. Singles went as planned with Pratty and Sibbo winning 2-1, Jamie Jimmy and Bill all winning 2 nil then Bong went up and lost 2 nil giving Athlone their second point of the night, final score 7-2. Left this season is two cup finals, last league game and the individuals, more trophies to come for the Gs im sure.

John Brown Semi Final TCC A

The Gs continued there 100% win record this season by booking there place in yet another final. With most of this seasons silverware staying at The Greyhound it may just as well hold the presentation there. So far this season The Gs have won The League, Threes, Fours and are in both JB and Marvel Finals oh and R/U in the Threes.Now even CARSLBERG couldnt top that a Mr D (His Truly) just pure WKD

Grays W M B 14th March

The Gs welcomed GWMC B to The Greyhound in this league encounter. Grays brimming with confidence took an unexpected 3 nil lead in the pairs, with each of the Grays pairings hitting 180s a piece. The Gs not even near a double wondered what had gone wrong. The Gs needed to pull there socks up in the singles to get anything from this game. It was a bit like domino rally as the big guns Chucky Jamie Jimmy Harry,Simon and yours truly didnt even get to less than 200 in each leg as Grays smashed the current league champions 9 nil in a very one sided drubbing. If only these reports were written by CARLSBERG. ... Final score 8 Gary with Harry hitting yet another 180 taking his tally to 9. and continuing a great home record and 100% win record this season for the Greyhound

Pairs Competition at TCC

The Gs fielded 3 teams in the pairs. Looking to defend there title yours truly and SPratt the single minnow. Had a tough first round clash with Mick Squelch and Mick Hill with the Gs coming through victors going into the last 16 against team mates Jimmy Wright and Jamie Strange. Jimmy and Jamie who have been a tough pair to crack looked like they was going out as yours truly and SPratty did everything right apart from hit a double ending there campaign to regain there title. Jimmy and Jamie then played last years runners up S Barry and R Crabb (Q Ball Orsett team mate) with Jimmy and Jamie too patchy in this one and ending there night losing in the last 8. Harry Potter Sibbo paired with Billy Chicken Fowle should of beaten eventual finalists Titch and D Bailey 2 nil outscoring the TCC pair with Pots hitting another max making his total of 7 x 180s this season and still without a win could not hit a double for love nor money. The eventual winners of this years pairs went to K Petrie (Q ball Orsett) team mate and Steve White giving South Ockendon a well earned piece of silverware.

Greenline Away 28th Feb

The Gs were away in this league fixture against the Greenline. The Gs looking to extend there unbeaten run and claim there hold on the title for a second consecutive season. The Gs went 3 up after the pairs with Harry and Chucky both hitting another 180 in there game. Jamie and Jimmy in fine form with Pratty and yours truly completing the hatrick. Although the Greenline didnt make it off the starting blocks in the pairs I still think that Ronnie and Garry will be a good bet for the league pairs runners up this year. The Gs went 4 up with Jamie beating Terry. The Greenline then managed to get there first point with the ever consistent G Godden against Billabong even with Billabong being coached by everyone missing a 98 finish hitting 20 treble 18 and his last dart hitting the chalk board 2 zip gazza. Next up to secure not just the win but the 2011 league title was Harry Sibbo Potter who played his best game in months and was dart perfect all the way. CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS. Next up was yours truly against R Royal with Ron taking the first leg and yours truly taking the second it would of been better to call it a draw as the third was very scrappy yet went the way of the Ronnie who deserved Greenlines second and only point of the night. Further wins for Jimmy Wright and Simon Pratt gave the Gs a 7-2 league winning result. As a footnote check my prediction on the match report 11th Oct TCC B although not all my predictions are correct as I also stated in another report that Pratty would marry the first bird he shagged....that will not now happen as he has been sacked when asked for his comments on it he said I am back to being a proper wanker and in fine form. So just to complete the report lets end it on a high with a few chants for Birmingham.

Stifford Clays Home 21st Feb

The Gs were hosts to Stifford Clays in this league game. Stifford Clays a team not to be taken lightly as previous games proved to be some real battles. Unfortunateley for the clays it was not be a performance to remember. The onslaught started as early as the first pairing of yours truly and the minnow SPratt(2xdoubles), who was allowed off his tight lead and managed to hit both doubles against young Joe Lawrence and P Bush(180).The Gs soon went 3 up going into the singles.So again with this match pretty much over and in this format as it is getting 2 from 6 for the Gs is fairly good odds. John Peddle(180) gave the clays there first point against Harry Sibbo Potter. Next up was Chucky winning with ease then yours truly against P Bush in prob the game of the night with yours truly all the way next up was SPratty night pass allowed brimmimg from ear to ear (Click the photos tab on left) this was taken after the pairs and he continued as he left off he couldnt score in a brothel yet finished 2 out of 3 legs with young Joe smashing a 118 finish in 3 darts in the middle. I am not sure who was more amazed Joe, Me Pratty or the rest of the pub as up til then the highest score was 41. Further wins for the Gs came by the way of Jamie (Penfold)  Strange and Jimmy Wright wright wright completing another 8-1 win for the Gs. Lets hope the this format is thrown out next season because it is killing this league and is becoming a chore to go out on a monday night. So who read this sight start thinking about changing it back to 8 players again

TCC HOME Marvel Semi Final

The Gs were at home against TCC A in this Marvel semi final. After a fairly one sided game last week, TCC were looking for a better game than our last encounter. First up in the pairs was Chucky & Harry against Liam & Dave R with the TCC pairing giving them an early lead. Next up was SPratty & Yours truly after yours truly returning to freezing cold england after a sunspoilt fortnight in Florida and without throwing a dart since the 3s, and pratty not throwing a dart ever came out victorious with yours truly doing the donkey work as usual carrying pratty back to his bird with a win. Last pair was Jimmy and Jamie against Kelvin and Taffy with the Gs going into the singles 2 1 up.First up in the singles was Jamie against Cape Buffalo Turpy with Jamie losing out in this one as Mr T didnt miss a trick and was unlucky missing a 152 finish in the last leg. Next up was Chucky in this all nations clash against Taffy with Taffy taking the first leg only for Chucky to remember how to finish in the next 2 legs. Game now at Gs 3 2 up with Harry against Neil Phillips with Neil making it 3 all. Next up was yours truly against the vermin T Maloney after a 2 weeks break in Florida and not a dart board in sight out there. Yours truly took the first leg and vermin taking the next with a celebration only Jurgen Klinsmann would be proud of of which fucked him as he must of puffed himself out as yours truly took full advantage making it 4 3. Next up was Simon against Liam with Si playing well enough to take this but it went the way of Liam making it 4 all. With Jimmy left to play the decider against Kelvin with this one going all the way to the deciding leg with Jimmy Wright wright wright making it good good good and set the Gs up for another Final against the Athlone.In all a good result for the Gs and a great game from TCC A and with Titch and Bailey missing from the TCC side this week TCC should be chufed with there teams performance as its the best game I have been involved in this season. Lets just hope we get this format changed next season back to 8 singles as it makes games more playable as if it stays like this it will fuck the league and kill it.......then again what do I know. Well done TCC a great night high spirits loads of banter and no fear of getting a dart thrown across the room (Hello Dan)

TCC A Away

The Gs went to second in the table TCC A this week knowing the league was effectively over if they sealed a win. Wins in the pairs for J.Strange and Wright then for Chucky and Sibbo overcome the loss for Simon and Bill in the opening pairs leaving the Gs needing 3 more for victory.

Simon was first up against Titch winning 2-1, wins for Jimmy, Jamie and Sibbo meant victory was secured with 6 points on the board and Bill lost out then Bong had an interesting game with Liam in the last match of the night, with Bong trying everything to put Liam off but for no reward as Liam won 2 nil, 6-3 overall, leaving the league title pretty much in the bag.

TCC B Home

The Gs welcomed Tilbury B to the Greyhound and were soon 3 up as Jimmy and Pratty, Chucky and Sibbo then Bill and Jamie did the hard work leaving the Gs needing two in the singles to take the win. Sibbo was up first and a good win with a 180 on route to a 15 darter and the win. Jimmy was up next and clinical finishing on the way to a 2 nil made the match out of TCC Bs reach. Mark was up next and didnt get out of first gear and gave Tilbury their only point of the night. Jamie was up next and a solid performance taking out 128 on the way to a 30.36 average. Pratty was up next and sneaked the win leaving Chucky to round the evening off with a 2 nil giving the Gs an 8-1 win.

Threes Comp at South Ockendon

Yet again it was a good night in Ockendon for the Gs. The Gs entered 2 teams of which ended up sharing the limelight in yet another final. The eventual winning 3 was Chucky, Potter and Pratty, who won this game with the flick of a coin over Jamie Jimmy and yours truly. The game ended 3 - 2 of which no one wanted to win apart from Pratty sporting a bunk up badge on his kneck, who again was in a rush to get home to his Gem. (Always said he would marry the first bird he lost his cherry to).watch this space, you heard it here first.

Brandon Groves 17th Jan Away

match report to follow although talking point was pratty playing his best game of this season ..ever to be cont......just to get back to his bird...yes his bird....he denies all speculation of being under the thumb...I have witnessed this in action 3 times now.Beep beep now u bastard.Back to the darts The Gs were up against Biker Grovvvvve in this top versus bottom league clash. I must admit its the first time I have played in a doctors surgeory as it was a bit of a tight squeeze, I wouldnt like to play the Os there as once Orsett and Q Ball team mates Petrie & Crabbie squeeze in there would be very little room left, maybe thats why the throw is two inches short in height and distance. This did not deter the Gs as we went 3 nil up with Billy Chicken (Fowle) and M Warren taking playing in there first pairs games of the season. First up as predicted was lovesick pratty smashing the shit out the ones hitting back to back 3s and still coming out winning 2 nil whilst putting his trainers on ready to run back Gemma. Next up was Chucky followed by yours truly winning with ease. The game at 6 0 without dropping a leg, saw Harry Potter play well yet end up losing 2 1 giving Biker Grove there only win over the 2 matches as Jimmy and Jamie completed the rout in brutal fashion. In short great bunch of lads shit throw shit venue but we still have pratty shit love sick ufc captain

GWMC A 10th Jan 2011

The Gs were away to Grays A in this the first game of 2011. The Gs looking to extend there unbeaten run this seaason did not disappoint in this league game as we soared to a 6 3 win. The Gs went 3 up after the pairs even with the Wright and Payne combo being in festive mood still, giving Grays a leg just to make W Webby chalk a third leg, but we didnt make him stay there long after smashing in 420 in 9 darts and completing the game in the next 9. Wins for Pratty , Harry and Jamie making the night complete for the Gs. Wins for Rod Early against Jimmy Wright, with Jimmy just losing out in this one it could of quite easily been a stuffing had Rod been able to hit a double and in all fairness Jimmy didnt play bad just Rod played better. Ryan against Billabong (fat useless twat) with Ryan making his debut for Grays and A Gaywood against Gs debutant Mark Gooner Warren who could not find his range losing out 2 1. Not a bad result even with the Chuckster and yours truly sitting on the subs bench.

Merry Xmas to All who visit this site  and a Big thank you to the local jehovahs for the xmas cards....donor cards are in the post

South Ockendon Home 20th Dec John Brown Cup

The Gs were at home in this cup tie with South Ockendon for the 3rd time in 4 weeks and with the first two matches going the way of The Gs, confidence is brimming and looking for the hatrick. Of which should be pretty much guaranteed as I bolted the door on them.No not really and what would be the point when they have tweedle dee and tweedle dimmer (Orsett & Q Ball team mates) both Keith and Roy struggle to squeeze in any door without removing its hinges. Anyway on to the game we won 7 2 copy that Driscoll.

The Gs quickly went 3 - 0 up in the pairs with the writing pretty much on the wall. To be fair any team that trails 3-0 going into the singles and with this shit format have an uphill battle. First up was yours truly against S Barry with yours truly demonstrating how to command all 3 legs yet lose 2-1 in probably one of Si,s greatest ever escapes, of which he also tried to lose at the end with missed doubles but 25 mins later yes a double was hit. Next up was Jimmy Wright against R Crabb (Orsett & Q Ball team mate) with team hitting a 180 and thats it. The Gs need 1 from 4 with Ch ch ch chucky against Del Cannon with the Cannon firing on all cylinders after a dismall start comin back with 4 tons in the 2nd leg and a 180 which spun the game in Dels favour as chuck had a bad night at the office and Del deserved to win this one. Further wins for Harry Potter 180, JStrange and Spratty the ufc who managed to notch another win against His truly, with His truly making notes throughout to write his own report this week.......yeah alright....cut and paste. In all a good night again and well done to all. See you next year.

South Ockendon Away 13th Dec

The Gs are away to what is becoming a regular fixture over the next few weeks, none more important than this game. The Os are flying high up the table (Thanks to Mr Santa Claus Baxendale) and breathing down the knecks of the Gs for the top spot. First up for the Gs was Chucky 180 and Harry against S Barry and R Crabb (Orsett Q Ball team mate) who tried really hard to throw this one away, untill K Petrie (Orsett Q Ball team mate) came sliding in from the chalk board making Si Barry hesitate at a shot at the double which he missed with ease only for Chucky to step in and claim the point. Next up was Yours truly and Jimmy Wright against His Truly and Del Cannon, who are prob the most solid pairing over previous encounters for the Os got smashed in this one.2 - O G,s. Did you think I was going to be nice!!!!!!!! Next up was Spratty and Jamie Strange well Spratty against K Petrie and P Tompkins, Petrie smashed in a 180 and passed out, causing Japan another earthquake which paved the way for the Os to pull one back. The first two singles went to the Os with wins for S Barry and P Tompkins levelling the scores. However the comeback was short lived as The Gs won the last 3 singles with wins for Jamie chucky and second week running Spratty. So FAT darts as the Goose would say.

Athlone Home 6th Dec

The Gs,extended there unbeaten home record, against the Athlone in a 9 nil drubbing. The Gs have not lost a home fixture since 15th Dec 2008, which was against last weeks and next weeks fixture South Ockendon.   The Gs started the rout with wins in the pairs for yours truly and Jimmy Wright, Jamie 2x180 and Bill Fowle, with Chucky and Potter making it 3 up. The Athlone looked every part of a Clampitts day out most of who are all related as the topic of conversation was a divorce in the team and the result ending in just because you aint me wife..........does not change the fact you are still my sister. Wins for yours truly against G Webb and Potter against S Moore Spratty against S Cox yes I did say Spratty who amazingly hit 2 doubles this week securing his 2nd win in this lifetime Jimmy Wright against Eddie Price with Eddie throwing some good darts as usual, I must say that Eddie suprises me in that he has the ability of producing some good games but lacks in passion for the game of late. Chucky nearly came a cropper against Bobby Moore with Bobby hitting everything apart from the winning double taking this one the distance. Billabong cheering on his idol chucky throughout could not get in the side this week after last weeks showcase, mind you, he just about got in his jumper this week, was the rumour why he did not play as his arm was restricted due to the tight fitting, I may of heard it wrong it was probably the tight bastard had a fit at the thought of having a bath at xmas. Finally the rout complete with Jamie Strange smashing the treble to bits in all 3 legs against Darren Squelch and probably 300 and eleventeen in front in each leg just could not hit a double within 30 darts giving the Gs another 9 - 0 win and apart from Bobby and Eddie who had chances more than most get a fair result.

Cup South Ockendon Away


The Gs were away to high fliers South Ockendon in this cup tie. The Gs were missing key players in Jamie Strange and Keith White which are a loss to anyones side, especially the Os. The Gs took the first pair with Jimmy Wright and yours truly against R Crabb and S Barry. The Os levelled with P Driscoll and Del Cannon against S Pratt and Harry Sibbo Potter. Last on in the pairs was Ch Ch Chucky with side kick Billabong against K Petrie and J Diprose. The Os went off to a flier scoring well only for BB to carry Chuck over the finishing line smashing double 8 in one dart....yes One Dart Billabong as he is known as now. It is rumoured that transfer requests are flying in for BB from all over the county..............we can only hope. Gs 2-1 up.

First up in the singles was yours truly against my old mucker the goose. Goose a far cry from his game did not really find his range or game as yours truly won this 2 nil. I know the Goose of old and he does not like losing as long as he competes, and as much as myself neither would want to lose this one. Keep your head up Goose and find the form we all know you have. Wins from Bill Fowle against P Driscoll, Chucky against D Cannon and Harry Sibbo Potter against R Crabb.

Grays B Away 22nd Nov

The Gs were away at Grays B this week and romped into a 3 nil lead after the pairs, wins for Chucky and Sibbo, Jamie and Bill, then Jimmy and Gary without a leg being dropped left the Gs needing 2 from 6 in the singles.

Firstly Jimmy Wright stepped up with a confident 2 nil to put another one on the board, Jamie Strange took 112 out to guarantee the win in a 2 nil win, then Chucky secured another 2 nil without getting out of first gear. 6 nil without a leg being dropped. Billabong was chucked into the action and after going 1 down, he calmly notched up double 2 to level up but was pipped to the post losing out 2-1. Gary was then up against his Dad and age won over in this one pipping it 2-1, Sibbo then lost in the last 2-1 making the scoreline 6-3 to the Gs, report done by Jamie Strange.

Greenline Home 15th Nov

The Gs were at home against The Greenline. After a close encounter last week in the final of the 4's, the Greenline were looking to continue from last weeks performance. The pairs saw the Gs going 2 -1 up with the Greenline pair Godden & Royal looking as solid as ever.

First up in the singles was Jimmy Wright wright wright continuing his winning ways making it 3 -1 to the G's. Next up was yours truly against Ronny Royal in a great game, with 17 ton plus scores in this game see Ronny sitting on 60 in the deciding leg missing 2 darts at tops to pull one back for the greenline as yours truly took out a great 140 finish in clinical fashion 60 tops tops. Next up was Jamie Strange against the ever consistent G Godden and this game was tons galore. Garry took the first leg with Jamie taking out 104 in the second. Going into the deciding leg Jamie started like a steam train hitting a ton and 180 only to come to a crashing halt with Gal hitting his fair share of the red bit and taking it 2-1. The score now at 4-2 see Chucky the machine breeze by Bob Knell securing the points for the Gs. Next up was Simon Pratt who played every bit of his name against that short bloke Scott Martin with both players trying there upmost to make 3 legs into a mini series on tv, even the tv got bored and turned itself off, with Si taking this one 2-1.Last up was Harry Sibbo Potter against Terry Small, Harry could not find his form from previous weeks but it was alleged he found the bar for the first time. The game ended up 6-3 to the Gs and as always you cannot fault the following and team spirit the Greenline have...upmost respect to you all

League Fours Competition

It was a good night of darts for the Gs in the league 4s. The four for the Gs was Ch Ch Ch Chucky, Jamie Strange, Harry Sibbo Potter and yours truly beating TCC B, South Ockendon (A) and South Ockendon (B) plus Simon Pratt guest appearance for the Os to make another 4 and in the final against the Greenline. The Greenline didnt miss much to be fair which made a good final and the treble 20 took a hammering from both sides with the Gs edging it 2 -1.

Stifford Clays Away 1st Nov

The Gs were away for this league encounter with Stifford Clays. The Gs went 3 Nil up in the pairs with ease and not really even having to take the hand brake off. First up in the singles was Harry Sibbo Potter against J Peddell with Harry playing some good darts and carrying on his recent form to win taking us within 1 point of the win. Next up was Jimmy Wright wright wright all the way home putting the match out of reach and another win for the Gs. Jamie Strange won his game dropping a leg after 4000 darts at a double against T Shorham. Ch Ch Ch Chucky was then up against P Bush with the Chuckster dropping a leg only to prune the bush back to twig. Next up was yours truly against R Burton and despite playing like a wednesday ladies player R Burton came out 2 1 victor giving the clays there only win of the evening. Last up was captain marvel drinking coke yes drinking coke with a serious case of tonsilitus making him speak like he had a mouth full of cotton wool despite dropping a leg and limping SPratt crawled over the winning line in probably the worst game in history. The Gs still flying even with a 5 point head start I do find it hard to see that making any difference to what looks like a one horse race this year.

TCC A Home 25th Oct

The Gs win 6 3 in what i hear was a great great great game to be cont.....The Gs were at home for this home clash against TCC A. With TCC already having lost 5 points this season the Gs were looking to extend there lead at the top of the table. The first pair of the evening was S Pratt and J Strange up against D Bailey and L Pender. With some heavy scoring from TCC they took full advantage and took the first pair. Next up was K White and Jimmy Wright with Keith smashing a 143 finish fetching the game back for the Gs. Next up was Harry Sibbo Potter and Ch CH Ch Ch Chucky, with yet again tons galore for Gs taking us 2 1 into the singles. Singles started with Jamie Strange 180 and a good solid performance taking it 2 straight. Jimmy Wright then had a cracking match with Titch and great scoring ended with a brilliant 122 checkout on the bull from Titch. Keith White then stepped up and took out tops double 8 for the first leg then nearly did it again in the 3rd but managed to get the double 8 for the win and move the Gs 4-2 up. Captain marvel was then up against Danny Bailey and in a scrap saw Bailey coming out 2-1 victor edging Tilbury closer at 4-3. The came the game of the night with Chucky 180x2 up against Liam Pender. Chuck started off average with 5 perfect darts on his way to a 13 dart finish, then the second leg hitting a 15 darter with another 180 in the middle, sealing the win for the Gs, up last was Harry Potter sealing the night with a 2-1 win and maintaining the Gs 100% start to the season.Match report courtesy of J Strange

TCC B Away 11th Oct

The G's were away for the first time this season, in this league game against TCC B. Again the Gs went 3 nil up in the pairs, requiring just 2 more games to secure the points and extending there lead at the top of the table.Not one to predict this early on in the season, it does look like the League winners for 2010-2011 will be the Gs, then again what do I know... First up in the singles was young Jamie Strange against the ever consistent W Moon with oohs and arghs from TCC it was the boy who only looks about 17 (according to TCC hecklers) taking the points in a good solid performance. Next up was that bloody foriegner Chucky against Jimmy Myers with Chuck not really getting out of first gear but still winning 2 straight. Next up was yours truly in this fairly one sided game against I Goodfellow with yours truly leaving Ian in the darkness, yet coming out losing this in a game that should of been secured by yours truly 21 darts before Ian did what I couldnt....hit a double. The Gs losing there first game of this season in the league soon got back on track with Harry Potter getting the upper hand and Jimmy Wright 180 winning against the tilbury ferry. Last game of the night was captain marvel smashing the shit out of 1s and 5s and still finding time to bang in 2x180s against M Thomas, to secure an 8 - 1 win for the Gs. On reflection a flattering scoreline for TCC and in all fairness if you dont hit a double 21 darts you dont deserve to win. So well done lads.

Brandon Groves Home 4th Oct

The Gs were up against Brandon Groves in this the 2nd league game of the season. Brandon (Biker) Grove were very quickly 2 nil down as they only had 5 players, costing them a pairs and a singles points. A game of few high points for the new boys took the 9 nil drubbing in good spirits, with Captain Spratt losing the only leg of the evening for the Gs against Capt Gary Critchett who lost by a nose. In all a fair result and welcome to the new boys.

GWMC B Marvel Cup Prelim

The Gs were fortunate enough to of been drawn in the prelims of the Marvel Cup.........Great...... The Gs went 2-1 up in the pairs with Si and yours truly trying there very hardest to lose there pair of which they did with flying colours against yours truly senior and D Busby. Still Chucky Harry, Jimmy and Jamie kept to there winning ways giving the Gs the edge. First up in the singles was Jamie Strange against Micky Squelch with Micky taking the height advantage winning 2 nil. The score now at 2 all up stepped captain SPratt who actually looked liked he wanted to play darts this week, winning 2-1 against M Hill. It was Jimmy Wright wright wright all the way against the Bax giving the Gs a 4-2 lead. Yours truly was up next against D Busby180 despite Daves efforts yours truly secured the spoils for the Gs in one of those games that was of those games. Wins for Billy the Fish Fowle against P Payne 2-1 and Harry Sibbo Potter against Jack Phil Tuffnell Howe completed a nice 7-2 win. I must be getting good 2 reports no swear words so on that note Buy a decent fucking board Grays you tight bastards.  

GWMC A  20 Sept 2010

The Gs thrash Grays 9 nil, in the first game of the new season. The Gs went 3 nil up with wins for J Wright JStrange, Chucky & Harry (180), K White G Payne. With a new format this season playing 3 pairs and 6 singles, the Gs only needed 2 out of the 6 singles to take the spoils. Despite hitting a max in the pairs Harry sat aside to let captain marvel Sprat take centre stage. Si smashed in a 180 and 2 doubles and lost a leg one of only 3 all evening. Wins for Chucky Keith Yours Truly, J Wright 180, and J Strange with Brian Eady taking a 106 finish against Jamie, thats the first ton+ for brian this millenium. Although it was a 9 nil drubbing, I have been advised that it would of been 7-2 if someone could of got out the sink, instead he had to be one of the 7 dwarfs...........Click the video link to see him in action. A patchy night in places but 9 nil i will accept.

Match Reports

John Brown Cup Final Greenline at GWMC

The Gs with the league winners title and runners up in last weeks final were up against the greenline in this last game of the season hoooorray. The Greenline congered into GWMC... everyone thought Grays was experiencing an earth quake, as Gary Godden and Ronny Royal led the parade to there table. The dancing soon stopped as the Gs went 2 1 up after the pairs with Pratty still not hitting a double this season in the pairs yet winning again. First up was Jimmy Wright wright wright after getting fist as part the weekend against Gary Godden, 2 players of great quality with jimmy winning 2 nil. Next up was Harry Potter who could not find his recent form against Ronny Royal fething one back for the Greenline. Yours truly was next up against Andy Reynolds with the Gs going further ahead. Wins for Pratty yes Pratty WDWDDDDD Keith White in an under performed outing hitting only 2x180s. Billabong won another leg yet still managed to lose 2 1 and still not washed this season which makes 3 seasons running. The Gs J Brown Winners League Winners Pairs Winners Marvel R/U not a bad season at all. Well done lads thanks to GWMC and another good night of darts and dancing including little piggy who was carried in by yours truly and pratty only to get filled in by his loving Jules after his 50th celebrations. Still nice card Jules and what lovely words to young Pigster You Selfish what was it ha ha, lucky the furry boots did not come out again dave. Thats it for this season see you all next year big thanks to all who read these reports and your loss if you dont. TTFN til next season

Marvel Cup Final TCC A at Athlone

The Gs were up against TCC A in the Marvel cup final. The Gs took a 2 1 advantage after the pairs with some good darts from both sides. First up in the singles was suprising for everyone captain not so marvel pratty against Taffy with Taffy pipping this one in a game that promised more than it produced with both players not finding there form. Next for the Gs was W Dodd against K Pender with Kelvin taking 84 on D11 in the first leg and winning the next leg with ease. Harry pulled one back against D Revell for the Gs with yours truly up against D Bailey with Bailey nicking a very one sided game with yours truly not being able to hit a double if it was to of jumped up and hit me on the cock. with the game looking like it was slipping away Piggy was up against Titch and again not hitting doubles cost piggy. Battle of the night was fellow super league friends Chucky and Liam with Liam looking for revenge from previous encounters, and he did just that taking a 160 finish on his way to a nice win. Jimmy pulled another back for the Gs with the scoreline 7 4 to TCC A and a fair enough result on reflection. Some of the games could of gone in our favour but if you dont hit a double in the final leg tough shit. So well done TCC but we still won the league and we didnt do a lap of honour round the car park Titch tut tut


Well the Gs went into this last league game of the season knowing that even with a win the league top spot, was out of our hands. TCC A were holding top spot with not an easy game against South Ockendon. The G's went 2 1 up after the pairs with Pratty and Payney coming second best to Jimmy Myers and Wayne Moon. First up was WDWDDDDD against J Byrne for the second time this season and the result was the same with Doddy left by the way side. Next up was Keith White against Brian (I talk cack for England) Ferry with Keith winning easily fetching the Gs back to 3 2. TCC B pulled one back with Jimmy Myers beating Piggy who seemed to be elsewhere probably his 50th looming old fucker. The game poised at 3 all with Pratty up next beating Evan and Harry Potter Sibley against Wayne Moon. Harry came away with a great win against Wayne, as not many people do get the upper hand of one of the most under rated players in the league. A good win for H and probably the turning point of this match putting the Gs one game away from the win. Next up was yours truly against M Thomas with Mick throwing some good darts in his first season for TCC only to come out second best with yours truly securing the points for the Gs. Jimmy Wright wright wright went on last to make the score 7 4. The league still hinged on the Ockendon Result if TCC A lose we claim the league.ok granted we had to carry on winning as did TCC A and with live commentary via t mobile you could here the Ockendon cheers as the winning double smashed in. The rest is and will be excuses, so well done lads and well done to Ockendon....just as a footnote The Gs home record continues as  Ockendon was the last team to collect any points from the Gs on the 15th Dec 08 not bad not bad at all

White Hart

The Gs played there first game in the newly refurbed home venue. With this season coming to a close (Thank fuck) the Gs were every bit in the driving seat in this very one sided game. The Gs lost only one leg all night giving the home team an 11 nil win. I will save the blushes of the lone leg loser but I hope you hopped home ok Harry. In all fairness the Whitehart only had 7 players and H still lost a leg in the bye. Good result but is it enough for top spot........Na

Athlone Home

The Gs were at home against the Athlone in which we were in effect both away, as we had to play the match in the public bar as the pub is undergoing a refurb. This obviously had a big affect as we only won 9-2. The Gs went 2 1 up after the pairs with yours truly finishing 136. The only casualty in the singles was billabong sporting his new camoflaged top and bottoms, and just like his clothing he was not even seen in the game. Just as well he smells or we would not have known he was there


The Gs won this top of the table clash 6 - 5, which puts the Gs within one point of leaders TCC A, as predicted in our last encounter it was probablt the turning point of the season, its now a case of hoping TCC slip up and we continue our winning ways to decide the this space

Grays W M Club B

The Gs win 8 - 3 away to GWMC B report to follow as just polishing up on the wording after DWDDDDD took too many teasing jabs only to end up with a cauliflour arse after getting slaughtered by veteran P Payne. DWDDWDF to be cont...

TCC B Away 29 Mar 10

The Gs were away to TCC B in this last league fixture where 3 points could be up for grabs before going into the 2 point games regardless being home or away. The Gs started off going 2 - 1 up in the pairs and some nice finishing from yours truly. Chucky was up first in the singles after making his 2nd appearance for Essex making short work of E Warrior.W Dodd lost out 2 -0 to the ever consistent J Byrne. Next up was S Pratt 180 against Thurrocks J Myers, Pratty looking much more comfortable and focused came out on top 2 straight. Harry Potter Sibley who has found his form in previous weeks could not get the better of Wayne Moon and on his day not many do get the upper hand on Wayne.Next on was yours truly against M Thomas, with yours truly coming out 2 straight.Wins for Keith White Bill Fowle and Stig Relfy in yet another noisy marathon and 2 boxes of chalk, saw stig take his 2nd win of the season against B Warrior. Stig who was full of confidence after the game even promised to have a bath in celebration, lets just hope it dont take him 2 years to win his next game. Overall 8 - 3 a good and fair result.


The Gs were at home to Grays B in this league fixture. It was a game the Gs were favoured to win and win we did 9 - 2. After going 3 nil to the good in the pairs it was going to be an uphill struggle for the Grays lads even with Carol. Wins for Chucky Payney Wrighty Doddy Whitey and Harry secured the points, with the talking point of the night going to Stig Relfy with 100 check out with 3 darts yes Stiggy 100 finish its the only ton he has hit all season and still managed to lose 2 - 1to P Laird. The only other casualty was Simone Pratt who lived and played up to every inch of his name losing out to Rod Earley...... Still cant knock the fat useless twat he did chalk, and he is the captain.

South Ockendon J Brown Semi Final

The Gs were away in this John Brown semi final. The Gs went 2 - 1 up after the pairs. First up in the singles was B Barton against P Driscoll, Bob never really challenged Paul in this one sided affair with Paul coming out victorious. Next was Essex debutant Chucky against his fellow Thurrock super league mate Goose, a good game with Chucky hitting back to back 140s in the deciding leg gave the Gs the lead again. Next up was yours truly in another cracking game with Simon taking the spoils 2 1, probably one of our better encounters over the years making it tight at 3 all. Next up was Jimmy Wright wright wright against Keith Petrie Jimmy looked in command in this little and large encounter but just could not sqeeze into the double. The score ended 6 - 5  to the Gs and in my opinion it looks like we got the rub in this one. For reports on the last couple of games see match reports on Ockendons web site via the links on the left. Well done lads

Stifford Clays Away

The Gs were away to Stifford Clays in this league fixture. The Gs went 3 nil to the good after the pairs. Wins in the singles for Harry Potter who has found his memory at last throwing some nice darts again looking very camp in his milk tray outfit. Keith White Chucky Wayne Dodd and Jimmy Wright wright wright all the way. Yours truly lost his first game of the season no excuses the chalker was shit and was working out scores on the black board like you would in school which is very off putting especially when you have already given him the answer. I know everybody has to learn somewhere but that learning should be done in practice not 20+20+19=59 501-59=442 simple maths not enough chalk board, no sour grapes though thick twat

White Hart Away

The Gs were away to bottom of the league Whitehart. The Gs went 3 up after the pairs with no real struggle. Chuck the barber was up to his old tricks again trying to find a miracle cure for Stigs hair. Well lets face it even if he borrowed Kevin Keegans perm he would still not wash it. The outcome was a double wammy for stig instead of looking like Friar Tuck he looked like Triar Fuck, the hair cut must of gone to his head as Stig won his second game of his life and nearly passed out coughing. The only casualty of the night was Harry Potter Sibley going down to Garry George. Wins for Chucky Payney Doddy Wrighty Hooky Billy and Stig Relfy secured the points. A welcome return to Wayne Dodd after a few months lay off with an injured arm.

Athlone Away 15 feb 10

The Gs were up against the Athlone for the second time in 8 days. The Gs winning the previous match were hoping for the same success. The Gs went 2-1 up after the pairs with K White hitting yet another 180 making his tally about 11 million in 2 games (so Harry Potter told me) but it could be said he has missed more.Harry Potter was up first in the singles against last weeks victorious winner against xPDC Pratt, Harry didnt find 3rd gear in this game but still won 2 - 1, and Harry played left handed blind folded and in the car park to give Simon PDC Pratt a confidence boost after his stuffing last week.Richard Hook came through against A Chapman making it 4 - 1. Athlone pulled one back with George Webb winning a close game with Billy Fowle. Jimmy was again Wright wright wright against P Oakley with Jimmy throwing some great darts yet again and still improving.Wins for Keith White Gary Payne and Simon Pratt yes xPDC Pratty secured the points and win for Gs with Vince getting a consolation win against Stig Relfy just. If Relfy took one of his many chances at a missed doubles, Relfy deserved at least a draw and... he could not....get  it in the green or the red in 1,2 or 105 darts. The Gs win 8 - 3 a fair result and good night.

Athlone Semi Final

The Gs won through this semi final against The Athlone 6 -5. The Gs went 2-1 to the good after the pairs. R Hook was up first against Aarron Chapman making it 3-1 Bob Barton was unlucky against P Oakley Simon Pratt was shit, sorry is shit losing out in probably the longest game known to man with probably a 3 average, nice darts, Simon claims he was not on his game as he found his Mum drinking his stash of beer when he got up for breakfast.(What a fucking liberty) Wins for Chucky Jimmy  Keith and Harry Potter sealed the deal with Stig Relfy not finding his form from previous life times against Harrrald you dirty old man.

The Gs face top of the table TCC A in the final

TCC A Away

The Gs were away in this top of the table clash. Probably the turning point for both teams this season. The Gs went down 3 nil after the pairs with everything to do in the singles to try and keep there winning ways intact. First up was Harry Potter Sibley against D Bailey, Harry started like a steam train and took the first leg after missing 18 darts at a double he took the first leg then losing the next with Danny finding his memory only for Harry to take the spoils a far cry from Baileys game considering when Bailey started playing darts I considered him to be the centres best player. Next up was the game of the season probably K White against The downs syndrome kid Titch after a slow start for Keith  took the first leg with Titch hitting a 180 to make it 1 all the third leg would be good enough to grace any stage in the world Titch hit 3x140s leaving 81 Keith White hit a 180 to leave a ton only for Titch to miss one at d16 one at d8 and popped d4. You wont see many like that on a monday night. Pure quality. Tcc 4-1 to the good and the writing on the wall.Next up was yours truly winning 2 nil Bob Barton was next to the slaughter losing out to Kelvin Pender 2 1. Liam was next against his super league partner Chucky with Chucky winning 2 nil. TCC 5 3 up next up was Jimmy Wright wright wright all the way making the game 5 4. Billy was up next against Taffy with Taffy taking the spoils and win for TCC A. The game done and dusted still could not stop TCC going for the kill as N Phillips put pay to S Pratt. Some great darts thrown in this match and it was always going to be a struggle going 3 down which you cant afford to do against teams like TCC A.


The Gs were hosts to GWMC B the only team to have beaten us this season. The Gs went into a 3 nil lead after the pairs with K White taking a 118 finish. Grays pulled one back with J Burke getting the better of Stig Relfy who was shaking like a leaf probably because he was stupid enough to let me punch him, Stig could not find his form as he kept telling everyone from his previous weeks win in the 3s after being let down by Chucky and Pratty.Next up was Jimmy Wright Wright Wright all the way with Micky Squelch, a great game with Micky hitting 140 180 and 137 in the same leg but could not find the same form in the 3rd leg with Jimmy taking the spoils. Grays only other win came from Andy Glenn against an unlucky Bill Fowle. Wins for Pratty Chucky Whitey Payney and Harry Potter Sibley served up a dish of good old fashioned pay back. Very sweet.

South Ockendon Away

The Gs won 8-3 welcoming the return of G Tozer I was not at the game but if you click on the links for South Ockendon I am sure my old mate Mr Driscoll has written a report for this game. Well done lads see you when I am fit enough

Greenline Home 4th Jan 2010

The Gs carried on where they left off in 2009 winning with ease against an underperformed Greenline side. The Gs went 2 - 1 up after the pairs with the comment of the night coming from Mr Godden after G Payne and K White played a very solid game Gary Godden looked like he had just lost a tenner and found a pound saying  I only had 9 darts. Hardly suprising as Whitey hit 2x180s and Paynes lowest score was 40 which was double top to take the first leg. The only real glimmer for the greenline was 2 wins in the singles for Ronny Royal and the big man himself Gary Godden and when the pair of them are firing you would need more than your A game to topple them. Wins for the Gs in the singles came from K white R Hook Chucky Payney Jimmy very impressive with a 14 dart first leg but eased up in the 2nd leg with a 15 dart leg and Bobby Boy Barton BBB

Stiff Clays Cup 2nd round

The Gs won this 2nd round game cruising into the semi finals 7 4

TCC B Home 14th Dec

The  Gs were at home to TCC B the Gs win 6-5 No report this week as I was not there.


The Gs were in unfamiliar territory for this game against Grays 'A'. Yes we was away, after 5 out of 7 league games at home. The Gs off to a good start in the pairs with wins from Chucky and Payney, K White and R Hook. Jimmy Wright and Harry Potter Sibley were the only casualties of the evening. Wins in the singles for Jimmy, R Hook, Chuck, Keith White, Harry Potter, Bob Barton, Payney and yes STIG RELFY.  Stig Relfy in the game of his life smashed in so many trebles it was remarkable, unfortunately none of them were anywhere near the 20. Both teams in full voice for Relfy sporting his Billa Bong jumper for the 27th day on the trot, Relfy to the amazement of everyone started to find his range and a treble 20 after a whiskey was put on offer if he won. Just wish the offer was made an hour earlier as thee game went on that long the cleaning staff were knocking on the door. Well done lads and well done STIG RELFY roll on xmas we might see a new jumper and Stig those blue cubes in the toilet were not actually new designer ice cubes....sorry haha

Marvel Cup Stifford Clays Home

For the second week running The Gs were hosts to the clays. The Gs went 2-1 up after the pairs. After last weeks performance from the Clays it looked like the Gs had a battle on there hands. The clays pulled it back to 2 all with Smithy getting the upper hand on Richard Hook with Richard missing out on numerous doubles which cost him after scoring well. Next up was Jimmy Wright firing on all cylinders followed by Chucky against young Joe Lawrence, credit where credit is due Joe took the smashing on the chin and no one ended up with a dart in the leg, come to that he didnt get a leg this week either.The Gs seemed to be cruising til captain marvel appeared in a lycra suit only to get wedged in the Bush. The clays pulled the next game out of the blue with a shock defeat for K White who couldnt find his direction, and was on the early bus home. The game poised at 4 all with Harry Potter playing in his new Christmas jumper looking every bit camp played out of his skin hitting scores of 180 140 and finishing 117 in the same leg taking the lead again. Next up to secure the win for the Gs was Bob Barton looking every bit at ease after, a slow start in previous weeks. G Payne with another win made it 7 4 and puts the Gs in the semi finals  

Stifford Clays 23rd Nov Home

The Gs with only one loss under there belts this season, were at home yet again to a much improved Stifford Clays side from previous years. Support was second to none as Wiggy and his barmy army were in full voice for the clays. The Gs went 2 - 1 up after the pairs with K White missing a 144 shot out leaving Rookie Hookie to find his memory and taking the game for the Gs. Chucky and Payney never looked like losing there pair with a solid performance. First up in the singles was young Joe La/w/u/rence against yours truly. Joe despite taking the first leg was on the receiving end of a bombardment of high scores and confidence from G Payne. Wins for the ever consistant Chucky and Keith White with Pratty hitting another 180 and narrowly missing a 170 finish. I say narrowly because he paid me to say that. Not one to kiss and tell and cheers for the bung Si but he had to book a taxi to retrieve his last dart which was allegedly aimed for the bullseye and ended up in a flurry of bullshit excuses, must of had lessons from DWDDDDF who was missing due to having a bad case pinchitus. The Gs 6-5 victors in a close and competetive match. Even Smithy found his form for the clays better still he found his way to the pub, without the use of a sat nav, only because Les drove him.Good game all round   

White Hart 16th Home

The Gs notched up another win against the White Hart in a good old fashioned hammering. The Gs breezed into a 3-0 lead after the pairs with Bob Barton finding his form. The Gs were without Potter Sibley, DWDDDDD (still sulking like a bitch) Hooky and K White. Wins from Pratty Piggy Payney Chucky Wrigthty Billy and Stig Relfy who won his first game ever at the young age of 105. Things are definately on the up for Stig Relfy sporting a new hair cut courtesy of barber chuck which left Relfy looking like a candy floss, still, in the matter of weeks, on our last visit to the White Hart  Stig pulled a nice eastern european for less than a bullseye this visit he got his first win, never know with his fortunes against the Hart on our next visit he might have his first wash. Naaaaa. All round good team perfomance with the upmost respect to the White Hart lads who still turn up week in week out and they dont batter an eyelid at any scoreline.

Athlone 02nd Nov Home

The Gs in rampant form welcomed The Athlone and breezed through to a 9-2 win. The Gs lost one pairs and one single game. It could be said that spirits were high as most of the Athlone side were still donning there masks from haloween. Gorgeous George Webb looking every bit like a matchmaker after his trip to Egypt only to be eaten by Harry Potter Sibley. Jimmy Wright won comfortably even with a couple of broken ribs, still could of been his back as he carried Wayne through in the pairs. Wayne Dodd found his memory in this nip and tuck match as he squeezed another game under his belt only to leave tucking his tail between his legs. Wins for Chuck G Payne Bob Barton and Richard Hook secured the points in this one sided game

TCC A 26th Oct 09 Home

Cant really say too much on this report as yours truly was not there, I was busy perming my hair. After a good start from TCC A they found themselves losing there second game on the trot this season. There was apparently lots of huffs and puffs and not from little Piggy, with young talent Danny (I am going to run through the wall to find the nearest exit) Bailey losing the eventual match winner in the battle of the bulge against siamese brother Simon Pratt. I even heard that the little pig got cramp as an excuse against in my thoughts one of the leagues best players Liam Pender, firstly I have never known anything that small to get cramp and secondly I walked round with a broken nose for 20 years and never battered an eye lid. Still great result for the Gs even without Chucky getting a game 

White Hart 19th Oct 09 Away

The Gs found there winning way again in the first round of the cup. The night was full of oohs and arghs well according to Dave Stig Relf, after his birthday treat with an eastern european friend.Poor girl he even borrowed a tenner off of her. Still grinning from ear to ear he stepped up in yet another single encounter where as in his birthday treat he threw his glove away in this he threw countless chances away to win his first game. Still he got one leg and one leg over so he cant complain. Still the Gs breezed through with wins from Chucky Jimmy Harry and Simon completing the evening after winning all 3 pairs

GWMC B 12th Oct 09 Away

The Gs were away against a new look london road side, still as ugly though. The Gs winning there last 2 games with ease, could not make it 3 out 3. The pairs started off bad for the Gs losing all 3, which was going to be an uphill struggle going into the singles.First up in the singles was Father and Son clash The Payne boys with my Dad not finding his range and yours truly cruising giving the Gs a much needed point. It could be said that captains selections could of probably made a difference, but thats easy to say after the event. The Gs won only 2 more games through Chucky and Wayne Dodd.Shocking result losing 8 3 but credit where credit is due, to Grays, the sandwiches were a lot better this time round, just a shame our darts didnt match the sandwiches. 8-3 was flattering I thought Grays deserved there win on whole possibly 6 - 5 but shit happens

S Ock Soc 5th Oct 09 Home

The Gs were up against last seasons high fliers. The Os went 2 -1 up after the pairs and it looked like they were going to carry on as they left last season. first up was Jimmy Wright solid as ever beating Steve white next up was Birthday Boy Simon Pratt against Roy Crabb in the battle of the bulge with Si winning both his game and the race back to bar.Chuck was up next against Simon Barry, the in form Chucky could not find his range missing out on doubles,which proved costly as Simon checked out on the bullseye for a nice 121 finish. The game poised at 3 all looked like it was going to be another close match. The Gs won the next 5 games with wins from Keith White against much improved J Diprose, Wayne Dodd against Paul Driscoll, Andrew Sibley against A Jeyes D Pigrem against K Petrie and yours truly against H Petrie. The game finished 8-3 to the Gs. The Os were missing some players in all fairness including M Giesen of which our deepest sympathies and thoughts go to him and his family at this sad time. 

Greenline 21st Sept 09 Away

The G's got there season off to a great start with a 9 - 2 win away from home. The G's welcome new boys Richard Hook Michael McCoombe (chucky) John Kerin and Gary Smith. I was not at the game so sorry for the short report. All I will say is my back is on the mend after carrying Piggy last year and good result lads.